QLean Tech Enterprises, LLC. sells and leases unique, state-of-the-art ECA machines that activate dilute salt-water (brine) solutions generating two non-toxic GRAS solutions.  The cleaner our ECA systems generate is generically referred to as "catholyte".  In its concentrated form it has a pH of more than 12.5, yet it is non-toxic.  These solutions are surfactants and feature an elevated pH with a decreased surface tension which enables it to penetrate and break apart even ingrained soils. The second stream that is generated simultaneously is an approved food contact surface sanitizer comprised of hypochlorus acid (HOCl), a non-toxic species of chlorine.,  Known generically as anolyte, when these solutions are generated with a near neutral pH (6.5) , they are at least a hundred times more effective than bleach and comprise a powerful, broad-spectrum anti-microbial capable of destroying even the most difficult pathogens.  

Our ECA systems are available with a wide range of ancillary "kits".  A popular kit for food service and hospitality operators is our dish washer kit.  It enables direct connection from our automatic level controlled concentrate reservoirs to high-temp ware washers and it comes with its own wall mounted dosing controller that is interconnected to the dishwasher.  Our Pristine Water® kits are available either for process waters for various food and beverage processes, or water circuits that we sell and install for dental universities, hospitals and clinics, whereby biofilms are not able to attach to any of the continuously wetted surfaces.   From our experience in designing, installing and commissioning our Pristine Water Circuit® systems in dental hospitals and clinics, we have move on to designing complete building water solutions, where building owners and stakeholder seize complete control over the spec potable water that they distribute throughout their facilities.  Essentially, we deconstruct the water at point of entry to the building, and rebuild it to a night specification ensuring all contaminants, whether physical, chemical or microbiological are removed and replaced with only those ingredients necessary to ensure Pristine Water® is all that is available throughout the entire facility.   A separate cooling tower kit is also available, enabling operators to have complete control over their evaporative cooling processes by preventing both organic growth and inorganic precipitates on heat exchange surfaces. 

At an approximate cost of 4 cents/gallon, QleanTech ECA solutions are potent, safe, effective, comprehensive, non-toxic, economical and responsible cleaning and sanitizing alternatives.  Agriculture, Aquaculture, Animal Husbandry,  Beverage, Dairy, Dental, Food & Beverage, Food Processing, Cruise Ship and Maritime Vessel, Comnsumer Hygeine, Health Care, Hospitality and Institutional,  Infection and Norovirus Control,  Building and Maritime Potable Water Treatment, Pools and Spas, Cooling Towers and Waste Water Treatment Industries, Central Building Water Systems, Aquaculture, hydroponics, Organic Produce.

Our Machines

Qlean Tech uses the Clarentis Technologies ECA generators which are at the pinnacle of ECA technology.  Having worked with myriad of other manufacturers of on-site devices and after exhaustive research and experimentation, we have found that Clarentis Tech is different than other, not only becuase of thier superior cell technology, but because they listen and have made improvements and changes to thier machines based upon our requests on behalf of our customers and clients.  The systems we offer today have the following innovations and conveniences:

  • Laminar flow through the electrolytic cell, producing more stable, consistent, evenly charged solutions with the highest salt conversion rate on the market.  Our catholyte solutions do not only have a very high pH, but they have a significant reduction of size for the clusters of water molecules, as is proven by tensiometric measure.   To translate: our cleaner has a better ability to dislodge and dissolve soils and our sanitizer to inactivate bacteria, viruses & fungi. Laminar flow also increases the use-life of the solutions.
  •  Automated and completely programmable, allowing the end user to easily control the pH and titer (the concentrated strength) of the solutions as well as set the amount and time for production, or to be run automatically 24/7  using float level controls in our ancillary concentrate tanks.
  •   A fully automatic ECA device with an integrated and automated clean in place (CIP,) system along with communication links to myriad ancillary systems, ranging from simple remote dispensing systems to interconnection with downstream dosing systems, ware washing machines and similar solenoid valve, three-way valve and metered proportioning systems.   As downstream solenoids demand concentrates and the reservoir levels drop, the unit automatically replenishes the reservoir.
  • Higher production capacity, so that our client./customers get the most value out of every unit.
  • Higher titers with more stable solutions, reduced corrosivity and longer shelf-life stability. Vialable as wall mount, floor mount or mobile systems, with a built-in programmable logic controller that connects to an LAN, providing remote monitoring and supervisory control.
  • Minimal maintenance. In fact, capitalizing on the remote monitoring capabilities, QleanTech offers the unique resource of remote SCADA enabled event notification and control, together with well-planned preventative maintenance programs. Our job is to make the on-site production of natural origin cleaners and sanitizers easy and nearly invisible to your production team's work load.


Environmental & Human Safety

  •  During generation of ECA solutions,  small amounts of hydrogen and chlorine gas are liberated.  Because hypochlorus acid anolyte is ionically bonded and has physical properties that transcend its analytical chemistry, the solution does not have any potential toxicity or lingering odor. 
  • Our sanitizer is produced at a near neutral pH with roughly the same salinity found in the human body, so it does not cause irritation, allergic reactions or other harm to plants, humans or animals.
  •  Both sanitizer and cleaner are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS); neither need protective clothing or other safety precautions
  • Our sanitizer does not leave behind a film residue common with all other covalently bonded disinfectants, whether they be bleach, peracetic acid,  quaternary ammonia or phenolic compounds. Film residues from traditional cleaners and disinfectants actually serve as the starters for biofilm attachment and ultimately growth by providing a surface micro-environment ideally suited for further planktonic and microbial colonization. Rather, when all of the water evaporates from an anolyte treatment, the only particulate remaining is a tiny desiccant salt crystal that is antagonistic to any neighboring microbe.