According to a CDC survey done in 2011, 1 in 25 hospital patients contracted a healthcare-associated-infection (HAI) and over 75,000 people died due to those infections. The top HAI culprits were MRSA and C. Diff, and now the CRE's. Qlean Techs Pristine™ electrolytically generated solutions have the unique capacity to first dislodge (decontaminate)  and then destroy (disinfect) these deadly pathogens.  There is no adaptive resistance possible with our Pristine™ solutions due to the enormous energy they store, best described as a cold plasma.  Essentially, its combustion physics - the rapid oxidation of organic matter. 

Our novel, proprietary delivery systems use precision controls and are designed to be free of stagnant sections of water distribution piping removing their disease amplification and transmission potential from our Pristine™  building water systems.  Using our Pristine™ Two Step process, Pristine™ catholyte cleaner is diluted with hot water and used for all decontamination chores.  After the step one decontamination step is effectively completed, ., contact surfaces, medical equipment, patient rooms and public areas, then Qlean Techs Pristine™ anolyte disinfectant is applied rendering the surface - Pristine™, arguably very close  from Sterile.  Some facilities managers have us connect the Pristine catholyte cleaner distribution systems directly to their commercial ware washers, laundry machines and others have us place plumbed dispensers near their ultrasonic instrument baths for convenient service.  There is no possibility of irritation or allergic response for staff or patients and our solutions do not require any special disposal, as they are environmentally safe.  Others claim that their plant based solutions are "natural".  They may be natural to a plant - but they are foreign to our bodies.  Non can compare to our Pristine natural solutions that are of the same identical character - as those we produce in the neutrophils of our human white blood cells (Google: myeloperoxidase process).

Dental unit waterlines are an ideal environment for the growth of biofilm due to their narrow bore and the proportion of surface area to flow volume.  Biofilms comprise a buildup of organic matter that supports pathogen growth, exposing practitioners and patients to serious transmissible disease, such as Legionella, Hep A, Herpes Simplex, MRSA, VRE & CRE, C. diff, XDRTB and more. Qlean Tech Enterprises, LLC, has partnered with top scientists in the field of microbioloogy, immunology, dentistry and physics developing a process (SSOP) in which our Pristine solutions prevent biofilm attachment throughout our Pristine™ Closed Circuit Water Systems.  The anolyte disinfectant our Qlean Genie™ ECA machines generate is a non-toxic species of chlorine known as hypochlorus acid.  It destroys in virulence factors of pathogens, denatures capsids, DNA, RNA and indeed, proteins themselves.   Qlean Genie™ ECA machines generate chemicals with the identical physical and chemical character as those produced in the white blood cells of humans.  Its not quats, nor alcohol, phenol, chlorine dioxide nor ozone; nor is it copper, silver or UVc, but it leaves not stain and hydrolyses the skin, rather than drying it like all other oxidizers.  Its far more effective than hydrogen peroxide or iodine.

It is the most desirable and efficacious of the hypohalus acids and its called hypochlorus acid (HOCl).  It is non-allergenic, non-toxic, is on the National Synthetics list from USDA NOB for organic food post harvest processing, it has no C.O.D. component to its discharge, and has no environmental consequence.  Oh - and it inexpensive and has no package with toxic residues to populate and pollute landfills.

So why is it not everywhere already?  Good question!