Non-Toxic Protection

Qlean Tech™ delivers proprietary water and sanitation systems that combine salt, water and electricity to produce a cleaner and disinfectant collectively known as electrochemically activated (ECA) solutions, a non-toxic answer for infection control, food safety and water purification challenges.  Our modular Pristine Water Precision Delivery Systems™ are capable of replacing all toxic cleaning and disinfecting chemicals and our solutions are actually proven to do a better job at eradicating pathogens and preventing food and waterborne illnesses-- being up to 200x more effective than bleach; our comprehensive Pristine Water Circuits™ have the added ability to provide an entire facility with the safest water—and cooling system—in the world

Health Care

In the Health Care industry, biofilms are implicated in the vast majority of the 99,000 deaths occurring from Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), either from “opportunistic plumbing pathogens” or medical device implants, such as catheters or fluid shunts. Notoriously hard to treat and impossible to prevent, biofilms are especially dangerous because of their tendency to produce deadly extra drug resistant pathogens, such as CREs. Utilizing an approved, High Level CARE disinfectant, Pristine Water Systems™ & Pristine Water Circuits™ have an an unrivaled capacity to treat and prevent biofilm adhesion in medical implants/devices and building water lines, as well as eliminate extra drug resistant organisms. They are literally life-savers.


Pristine Solutions, Systems & Circuits™

Our Pristine Solutions™ start with the Qlean Genie™ ECA machine, which produces the most effective ECA cleaner and disinfectant available, with an EPA shelf-life of up to 6 months. Because of the quality & longevity of our Pristine Solutions™, Qlean Tech™ offers unique flexibility; customers can either lease a Qlean Genie machine and produce solutions on-site on an as-needed basis (using building water, salt and 120V electricity) or purchase packaged solutions shipped from our facility.

With Pristine Water Precision Delivery Systems™, our Pristine Solutions™ are delivered to at an appropriate concentration to specific use points—such as a dishwasher, ice machine or hand hygiene station-- in the facility via any combination of over 20 Dilution Application Kits or DAKS. The more comprehensive Pristine Water Circuit™ Systems decontaminate and disinfects building water at the point of entry, along with distributing our Pristine Solutions™ to every point of use in the facility.

Any facility where immune compromised persons reside, are treated and/or served.  

In our cross hairs are large and small dental university hospitals around the world, including Dublin University Dental Hospital, Oulu University Dental Hospital (Finland) and soon, CUMC Dental Hospital in NYC.  Our newest products target small dental and health care clinics, and around the periphery, whole building and facility solutions including Senior, Child, Acute, Hospice, and Recovery CARE centers.