Thousands of miles from the nearest medical center, preventing disease or illness is of special significance on board cruise ships or other ocean going vessels. In order to ensure a healthy ship, the highest level of sanitation must be maintained. That means constant cleaning, with a lot of chemicals. Staff complain of dry, irritated skin. Toxic chemical concentrate storage and disposal takes up valuable space; and even so, outbreaks of Norovirus illness on ships are quickly picked up by the news media.  The irony is that Cruise ships are likely much safer than land based built environments, but because everyone is together for several days at a time, the Cruise lines have gotten a bad rap whereas norovirus transmission sources on land rarely implicate the owners of a building.  QLean Tech ECA solutions provide a comprehensive solution for cruise ships and other vessels: manufacturing on-site cuts costs and saves pace; our solutions are non-irritating and do not require special handling; and most important, our cleaner and sanitizer are the gold-standard in eliminating harmful pathogens, able to inactivate Norovirus, HIV, C. Diff, Listeria and Hepatitis A, B & C. Our on-site machines require nothing but salt and water to generate powerful activated solutions and our ancillary concentrate systems can be directly attached to dishwashers and washing machines.  Separate point-of-use dosing systems are used to fill spray bottles with anolyte disruptions, and catholyte dilutions are used to fill deck (floor) and carpet cleaning machines.  Moreover, ECA is effective at disinfecting and treating potable water too.  Just as we use our Pristine Water Circuits® to provide biofilm free water lines in dental universities and hospitals, so too can similar systems be used on Cruise ships and other maritime vessels where biofilms and Legionella are a concern.