Preventing biofilm attachement in waterlines cannot be done effectively and safely using water plumbing systems first imagined in the middle ages.  Pristine Water Circuits® are the first systems in the world to leverage the critical role of water movement to reduce the likelihood of biofilm attachment.  Some buildings have used recirculating hot water loops for decades to ensure that hot water is always available at any tap throughout the circuit.  We however, have taken the water circuit idea and use it to control, and prevent biofilm attachment in both not and ambient potable water systems.  We begin by completely deconstructing water at the point of entry to the building.  Our pretreatments remove all physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants from the water leaving a source water that is nearly equivalent to distilled and deionized water.  From there - we rebuild it to very tight specifications, adding anolyte (HOCl) which is an approved GRAS ingredient for water disinfection, and then adding other minerals that our client/customers decide would be of benefit to their buildings occupants, all within international and national drinking water requirements.  Our advanced systems automation enable connection to BACnet and other building automations, and provide a convenient resource for ISO 22000 and 45000 documentation compliance with their entire buildings water supplies.   Specific "kits" are added for cooling tower application.  A variation of the building Pristine Water Circuit® is our process water systems used in food and beverage manufacturing, processing and packaging.  


Do you have questions about the efficacy of our unique water systems?  Please contact use directly and we will send you one or more peer-reviewed publications documenting the advantages and benefits of our unique, patented Pristine Water Circuit®