As HACCP professionals we intervene at "critical control points".  These are the points in the process where a loss of a control is likely to lead to an injury of one or more.   Platforms are based on THREE FOUNDING PRINCIPLES.  The first is all about risks associated with your provision of providing substandard foods, flavors or menu choices for millennial's, boomers and everyone in between:


Principle One

      Provide Plenty of Fresh, Flavorful, Delicious and Nutritious and Menu Choices

  • Black-hat Master Chef menu creations amaze everyone
  • Advanced prep techniques seal moisture, flavor and nutrients
  • State of the art techniques infused with new technology builds brand
  • Unrivaled taste, texture, ambiance and greenest protocols draws millineals


Risk Is Any Hazard That Has A Statistically Significant Probability For Harming People And Any Aspect Of Your Operation.  This includes Myriad risks, such as Public Health and Safety, Financial, or possible damage to your reputation and that of your brand.  . 

 Priciple Two

      State of the Art Technologies

  • No open flame or high temperature surface removes source ignition risk radically fire risk and possibility of CO asphyxiation.  Lacking high temp combustions of proteins and fats, emissions of carcionogenic effluents are orders of magnitude less than cooking with broilers, rotisseries, griddles or fryers. Cooks and chefs enjoy far better air quality and with it large reductions in adverse short and long term health affects. 
  • Precise  temperature control with automated time/temperature monitoring and logging exceeds minimum regulatory safety standards and lends itself to improve quality, yields and flavors.
  • Non-water based fire systems (UL-300) are not safe; they are extremely HAZARDOUS.  One in three (1:3) fail to actuate in a fire condition. (NFPA 2011, John R. Hall, U.S. Experience with non-water based fire systems) .

  • NEW Evolved Sanitary Operations Platforms® (ESOP's) use the worlds most advanced form of dilute brine electrolysis for on-site generation of Electro Chemically Activated (ECA) to generate non-toxic, generally recognized as safe (GRAS) cleaners and sanitizers.   Clarentis Technologies LLC custom builds our ECA devices to our specifications and we supply all of the ancillary equipment needed for a simple, fully automatic systems that turns itself on an off as needed.  All the operator does is use the solutions day to day, and check to be sure that the salt bins are full .


Principle Three

      Best Food Service and Kitchen Practices

  • Coach owners, managers and employees about safe food service and best kitchen practices, including  correct use of food prep equipment, appliance's and other culinary tools.

  •   Coach our client-customers on their development of a practical and effective food safety and management plan, including  HACCP when  required. 

  • Develop menus that keep current food suppliers/signature taste but are extremely simple to create, minimizing likelihood of human error.

  • Coach cleaning and sanitation crew on effective cleaning and sanitizing regimes using their current chemical suppliers, or coach them on our specially designed Evolved Sanitary Operations Platforms (ESOPs) 

  • Evaluate and recommend specific sustainable practice that reduce, reuse (pulping/dehydration or compacting) and recycling practices whereby the specification and purchasing of products and supplies begins with the end in mind.


"Resource Responsible"

Evolved Kitchen Platforms decrease current energy consumption, waste, personnel needs, insurance cost, construction/remodeling expenses and space requirements


  • Kitchen hoods have a huge  upfront CAPEX and are the biggest back hole for money and energy in the kitchen.  
  • No operator has ever made a penny with a hood or fire system.  They are mechanical systems that are part of the building, not an asset you can realistically move when you do.
  • Type I direct exhaust hoods are a major financial liability in terms of initial costs, upkeep, insurance premiums and energy bills (they are basically heating/cooling the outside air.)
  • Ventless cooking operations are energy miserly; what energy does not go into the food product stays in the space off setting the need for energy used by the HVAC system to heat the space.  


  • Steam  and rapid cook equipment enables food to retain moisture, nutrition and yeild
  • Using our technology can be as simple as pressing a preset button, giving you consistent, easily-attainable results
  • With our rapid cooking, holding and rethermalizing technologies meal preparation can happen well in advance and in the most efficient steps
  • By first mixing pulped waste into a slurry before washing it away, much less water is needed for disposal. The dehydrated slurry is easily storable and can be repurposed as an excellent soil amendment

Assistance at Every Step

  • We are always there to coach through difficulties, train or retrain as your business builds expands and evolves to surpass your greatest expectations. 
  • Ongoing online support, including cookbook for customer-clients
  • Comprehensive distance eLearning certification programs and personnel achievement tracking
  • Regulatory assistance by expert advocation for customer-client interests to authorities having jurisdiction
  • Updating and Revising Risk control (HACCP) as new technology/methods are developed and or new vendors and foods/ beverages are tweeted or added.

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