Evolved Kitchen Platforms is supported by a collaborative team of singular experts that would be virtually impossible to duplicate. We are not Selling a product, we are partnering in an initiative.

Service include:

Menu development by Chef Andy Revella, a black hat master chef that Ted Turnner calls the "greenest chef in America." Andy is a master at creating fresh and nutritious foods, with minimal waste using safer, more sustainable methods.

Andy is an expert at working closely with the client to adapting menus/recipes to the equipment in this platform or create new menus from scratch moreover his services include training the owner /staff on the equipment making the transition to an Evolved Kitchen seamless and simple. 

Support services beyond initial training will also be available through the platform.. 

Tom Johnson’s (JDP's) expert regulatory assistance to overcome  objections from the departments of health, buildings, fire and CMS, or DADs, or OSHPD if you are in California. Unfortunately, bureaucracy has not caught up to technology and many authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ's) are adverse to new things as regulations are based on past. There is precedent of getting denials because inspectors are not trained to think outside of the box, so are unable to synthesize new technologies or alternate methods and means with current code, even if they are technically compliant with the rules.  This includes food code, mechanical code, fire code and nursing codes related to care, or perhaps HHS CMS requirements (NFPA 101, etc). Tom has unequaled knowledge in the field of ventless kitchen regulation and code. He cut his teeth on training AHJ's in classrooms, in debates and in boards of appeal and review in almost every state jurisdiction in the U.S.  In order ensure approval at an appeals board, he initiates direct communication with the projects HVAC engineers, contractors and/or architect.  By discussing with them our purpose built facility and its matching mechanical system requirements with appropriate documentation in construction submittal documents, Tom dramatically improve likely hood of getting an approval on the first pass.

Design/Brand assistance through Vision 360 Design with Brad Balletto’s AIA's team in Dallas. Brad has consulted, designed and built over 400 restaurants, nightclubs and bars both nationally and internationally, winning many awards, including the “gold brick” award in 1990. Vision 360 works in partnership with Chef Andy Revella and Tom Johnson to design kitchens that optimize the effectiveness of the platform’s equipment. Besides design work, Brad’s team can work of brand development, collaborating with the client to create a theme, mission statement, logo or even the name.