The Client Base at Evolved Kitchens Culinary Platforms ® consists of New and Exisiting Food Service Operations in Cafes, Restaurants, Convenience and Grocery Stores, Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, School Districts, Colleges/Universities, and other Institutions.

We Offer: 

  •  Menu/Brand Development

A founding partner of Evolved Kitchens is black-hat, master Chef Andre Revella.  Chef “Andy” personally works with each client-customer to develop menu's using our specified cutting-edge technologies.  Key components of Evolved Kitchens are appliances branded as "Dining Green". 

  •  Regulatory Assistance

Many people are discouraged from trying ventless technology because an inspector or designer has wrongly informed them that they fail to meet building or fire codes. This is due to an outdated understanding of the intent of current codes.   The other founding partner, Tom Johnson, grew up in the commercial food service industry and has unsurpassed knowledge of food service and building codes. He is involved in crafting and changing regulatory code on the local, state and national level. Tom has never once failed to win an appeal in challenging misinterpreted codes relating to the safety of equipment or practices advocated by Evolved Kitchens Fresh Culinary Platforms®.

  •  Ongoing Training and Support

·      The partners and staff of Evolved Kitchen Platforms® have an investment in our clients’ success over the long term. We are committed to providing technical and procedural support in order to solve any problems and ensure the most positive outcome.


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