The Dining Green Oven: These are the fastest appliances known to the trade due to precision control of 500F impinged convection air that is moving in a range from 3 to 60MPH directed at the food item from above and below. With this impinged air there is no boundary effect enabling cook times for all sandwiches and pizza in a range from 45 seconds to <3 minutes and 3-5 minutes for larger food masses. These ovens are remotely or smart card programmable, meaning users have the ability to input/edit menus and record the time/temperature/air speed direction specific to a menu item. Cooking that item then becomes as simple as pushing a corresponding button. The oven also a catalytic converter, which practically eliminates smoke and grease emissions, transforming that and other particulates into CO2 and a trace of water vapor, and best of all NO MICROWAVES!

Winston’s Cook and Hold ovens cook food at low temperatures using water vapor, so that a water pan at the base of the oven is directly heated and the resultant steam is what actually cooks the food. This feature prevents moisture/nutrient/flavor loss and results in higher yields. High humidity also prevents the aerosolization of grease (aerosolized grease has the potential to transmit grease around the cooking environment, where it settles on surfaces), which in turn lowers the fire risk.

}Spring USA Induction cooking is a burner or hot plate that can cook and hold food using induction—electromagnetic energy which heats the base of the pan instead of the cooking surface. These units use minimal energy and produce hardly any emissions, but they do need cookware containing ferrous (iron, steel) materials. Ideal for all sauteeing and pot cooking needs along with exciting show cooking in front of the guests.

Irinox’s Multifresh blast chiller/shock freezer slow cook foods at a high humidity and controllable airspeeds, also using three temperature probes to check temperatures at variable depths and positions (a HACCP log records the temperature for the entire duration of the cooking/chilling process). When the temperatures reach HACCP safety targets, the food is automatically chilled to a predetermined temperature to preserve it until it is needed. The Multifresh also has the ability to rethermalize the chilled/frozen products so they are ready for consumption at a specific time.  It’s freezing method is unique in it’s ability to reduce food temps to -40°F very quickly, freezing water molecules in place, thereby preventing a loss of moisture or the freezer burn and staleness typical of slow freeze process in which water molecules aggregate and migrate through the product.

}Master-bilt has three products that are key to our platform:

Mega-Top fusion prep tables are conveniently designed with a greater number of pan openings at the top for it size than any other prep table. It also features a divider panel between the top pan openings and the refrigerated cabinet base, preventing spills from entering the lower section.

     A walk-in freezer that has a fully automatic master controller with reverse cycle defrost. Unique to the industry, the unit only defrosts when needed and has a three way valve that allows the hot refrigerant gasses in for seven minutes to melt the ice formed on the coil at which point the valve switches back, freezer control. The temperatures swings inside the freezer are the smallest and steadiest states of any in the industry, yielding energy savings of up to 28%! 

Master-Bilt fusion series of self-contained refrigerated and freezer cabinets are energy star miserly with electricity. Plus with four or more MB units on your project - its free freight.

Server Products make a NSF approved soup warmers for cook and hold service.  These one of a kind thermostatically controlled units heat frozen soups in less than 45min to serving temps. They also have the capacity to cook raw products and then hold that cooked product at the ideal serving temperature until needed. The lid has a convenient inset that returns all of the condensed/moisture back to the food product when it is put down, leaving no drips on the counter.  Because the mechanical code classifies it as a low power (120V) counter electric hot food unit - no hood is required

Alluserv has a patent meal delivery system, useful for operations with “room service”, such as hotels, hospitals, and care centers. The system consists of a patented china plate, which uses induction to superheat a metal insert at the bottom of the plate-called, a “plate charger”--and an insulated dome. The heating process takes only 18 seconds, but what is significant about the process is than the plate’s edges remain cool. Meals can be kept hot for up to 45 minutes allowing patients/guests to eat at their own pace, without a rapid loss of food temperature.  It also enables a meal to be placed into an Alluserv insulated heated/refrigerated transport cart for meal service to those that are served in a catered-room manner.

Somat Mfg. produces a food waste pulping system that provides an 8:1 reduction, followed by a long dehydration process that provides an incremental 8:1 reduction in mass.  300lbs. of food and corrugated waste is rendered into less than 8lbs of dehydrated shredded organic matter that look like tobacco; it does not attract vermin or insects, and mixed with top-soil, it replaces nitrogen based fertilizers.

JDP, inc. Anolyte and Catholyte solutions will be advocated as replacements for toxic chemicals. Produced through the electrolysis of simple brine (water and rock salt), these activated streams of water are an extremely effective cleanser and an unequaled sanitizer. Completely non-toxic, there is no residue except for an insignificant amount of salt crystal. (I have included a brief explanation of ECA on a different page at the end of the document)

10. Wells (this applies ONLY if we have a client that insists on using a wok or fryer, thereby requiring a hood—we need to think about how to present this information) in partnership with JDP is designing a downdraft exhaust hood and fire prevention system that reduces the risk of fire, through a connection to the master power module for the kitchen so that if there is an obstruction in the filters, a filter is missing or if it sense a flow condition (that is a flame) it will cut all power. It has a record of 100% success in extinguishing fires.